May 12, 2021


5 Financial Mistakes Business Owners Made During the Pandemic

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The year 2020 taught us many lessons, and if you were a business owner, you had a front-row seat to the school of hard knocks.

When I look back over the past year, as an accountant and business advisor, I saw many missteps by business owners, some of which threatened the very existence of their companies, made them ineligible for government funding and small business loans, or raised the risks of being audited.

Of course, as a small business owner, you will always make some mistakes. You’re human. The challenge

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Mom and Body Barre business owner Paige Erwin works to keep all-female staff employed during pandemic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The pandemic has been especially hard on women-owned businesses. A year after the pandemic hit, research shows more female-owned businesses have not only shut down, but are having a harder time recovering compared to their male counterparts.

Many refer to this time in our history as a ‘she-cession.’ As more and more women were forced to leave their careers to be at home for their families, it meant many women-owned businesses also closed their doors. It was a year of fighting against a global pandemic.

“Everyone on my team is either a mom, or one is

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How the Pandemic Has Made Us More Sensitive to Personal Boundaries

According to Buquè, anyone who experiences trauma becomes tender and more aware of their boundaries. “They become more emotionally raw, more attuned to their internal needs and their external boundaries,” she explains. “So a lot of what we’re seeing in terms of the boundaries has to do with that new threshold and that new window of tolerance.”

As for how to deal with it? “Everybody experiences trauma differently,” Glover Tawwab cautions. “Some people will run towards others, and others run away. Friends and family may think it is significant to have conversations about how their kids are doing, or what’s

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The Post Pandemic Business World is One We Should Adapt To

The Business World is Waiting to Bounce Back

Whilst some businesses have faced all manner of problems during the pandemic, I have been told by the author Doug Hirdle that not all businesses have seen a reduction of their income during the last year and for example legal Canadian casino sites have been thriving.

However, for the majority of businesses in Canada things have been tough, in fact very tough for the last 12 months, and for those that have been able to reduce their outgoings and possibly hibernate so to speak during lockdown, they are ever eager to

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Businesses Are Acquiring Funding Fast During the Covid-19 Pandemic Thanks to Expert YouTube Advice from Business Credit America Inc


These 3 Cathie Wood Stocks Are Set to Rip Higher By 40% (Or More)

The markets lately are a mix of gains and volatility, and it’s tough, sometimes, for investors to make sense of it. In times like these, it makes sense to turn to the experts. Cathie Wood is one such expert, an investor whose stock choices have consistently outperformed the overall markets. A protégé of famed economist Arthur Laffer, market guru Wood has built her reputation on her clear view of the markets. Her firm is Ark Invest, whose Innovation ETF has over $52 billion in assets

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1 in 6 LI small businesses didn’t survive the pandemic

Some closed their doors.

Some survived, though just barely.

And some see better times just around the COVID-19 corner.

The road to a so-far elusive recovery has been a difficult one for Long Island’s downtown business owners — a preternaturally optimistic group accustomed to high overhead costs, onerous regulations and the daily challenges of managing staff and satisfying customers. In the year since the pandemic started, they’ve endured layoffs, furloughs and steep income losses.

Many no longer exist.

10,000 out of 60,000 Amount of small downtown businesses on Long Island that have closed in the past year, according to

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