April 18, 2021


7 Ways to Pay for Care Without Long-Term Care Insurance

For example, the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI), a professional organization for insurance providers, says you may be able to get a long-term care policy after a past cancer diagnosis depending on the type of cancer and what stage it was or if you have remained cancer-free for a period of time. Likewise, you may qualify for coverage after a stroke if the stroke was more than two years ago and you don’t have other medical conditions.

However, shopping for a policy requires care. For one thing, getting declined by one long-term care provider can lessen your chances

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Insurance giant AXA Switzerland now allows customers to pay premiums in bitcoin

Insurance giant AXA Switzerland now allows customers to pay premiums in bitcoin.

Announcing the news on Thursday, AXA Switzerland said the bitcoin payment option is available for all its non-life products. Life insurance products do not support the option for “regulatory reasons.”

“This is AXA’s response to growing demand from its customers for alternative payment solutions, with new technologies playing an ever-greater role,” said Claudia Bienentreu, head of open innovation at AXA Switzerland.

The company has partnered with Swiss crypto broker Bitcoin Suisse for the initiative, meaning bitcoin payments would go to Bitcoin Suisse and be converted into Swiss francs

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North Dakota legislators set to raise their own pay, still get rare no-cost health insurance

That estimate for 2019, the most recent available, is from the Kaiser Family Foundation, which found that the average employee contribution for health insurance both in North Dakota and the United States was 21%.

But that’s not the case for state employees, including legislators and other elected officials, in North Dakota. State taxpayers pick up the full cost of health insurance premiums for all state employees.

For North Dakota’s 141 legislators, who set pay and benefits for themselves and all other state employees, that will amount to a premium subsidy of $1,426 per month for health insurance.

That’s the same

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Your Company’s Pay Gap Is About More Than Money

The authors offer a new methodology to help organizations diagnose gender inequities and point to next steps. Using this methodology, companies will be able to make evidence-based decisions about whether to invest their equity budget in, for example, anti-bias and inclusion training to remedy a culture problem or a comprehensive compensation audit to address pay discrimination. The analysis uses data in three stages — compensation, representation, and finally job satisfaction — to reveal hidden gender inequities. Similarly, the analysis could focus on racial equity instead of gender equity by examining differences between, say Black employees and white employees instead of

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Intern pay was meant to boost Congress’ diversity. Most of the money went to white kids

While paying interns is a start, the report argues they need to be paid more. The average intern pay was $1,986.75 in the Senate and $1,612.53 in the House, for stints that normally run five and seven weeks, respectively. Monthly rent for a barebones studio apartment in D.C. alone can run $1,600, leaving no money for other costs.

While the House has already increased the intern pay allotments to $25,000 per office and loosened some of the rules around how the money can be spent — allowing some of it to go to district office interns — Vera said more

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Sanders, Warren legislation would hike taxes to curb ‘absurd’ CEO pay

The New York Times

How COVID Survivors Are Finding Their Way Into Politics

Pamela Addison is, in her own words, “one of the shyest people in this world.” Certainly not the sort of person who would submit an op-ed to a newspaper, or start a support group for strangers, or ask a U.S. senator to vote for $1.9 trillion legislation. No one is more surprised than her that, in the past five months, she has done all of those things. Her husband, Martin Addison, a 44-year-old health care worker in New Jersey, died from the coronavirus April 29 after a

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