March 29, 2021


Local business owners hope people continue to mask up

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – This week, Sedgwick County lifted its mask mandate.

Shops, restaurants, and other businesses may be making the call on masks in their business. Now, Governor Laura Kelly does have the upper hand in this decision, but some business owners say they will continue to wear masks and social distance as much as they can during this time. They say at this point they would rather be safe than sorry.

“We are definitely going to continue making masks and everything,” said Brenden Koontz, T-shirt Kitchen manager.

“We have to do everything that we can to stop this

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Here’s Why So Many People Intend to Die With Money in the Bank

There’s a school of thought that you should spend down all your assets in retirement and “bounce the check to the undertaker,” as Michael Bloomberg, founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP, our publisher, likes to say. But not many Americans subscribe to that school of thought. A fascinating survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute explores how people feel about spending in retirement. It doesn’t fit with finance theory. “There’s just something we’re not getting quite right in understanding how people navigate retirement,” Lori Lucas, the president and chief executive officer of EBRI, said March 24 in announcing the

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Buttonwood – Why people are worried about the bond-equity relationship | Finance & economics

MOST PEOPLE have little time for quants. They find the language of quantitative finance far from illuminating. Even fairly numerate people struggle to grasp what comes easily to pointy-headed number-crunchers. Take the idea of correlation, the co-movement of two or more variables. Such relationships vary with the period over which they are measured. The direction can shift. Things quickly become confusing.

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Yet the quant argot is useful when considering perhaps the biggest fear stalking

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More people are traveling as vaccinations ramp up

In a sign that air travel is recovering, TSA officers screened the most air travelers on Friday since March 15, 2020. Nearly 1.4 million passengers went through, versus 1.8 million a year ago. Until vaccines ramp up, the CDC continues to advise against all nonessential travel.

The U.S. has overtaken Saudi Arabia as India’s second biggest oil supplier, as refiners boosted cheaper U.S. crude purchases to record levels to offset OPEC+ supply cuts.
India’s imports from the U.S. jumped 48% in February from the prior month.

American Cruise Lines is the first cruise line to resume sailing in U.S.

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New Orleans, Baton Rouge area People in Business for March 7, 2021 | Business News

New Orleans area

Entergy Corp. has named Bill Abler as vice president of investor relations; David Borde to lead its utility strategy and regulatory efforts; and Michael Rhymes as chief information officer.

Since joining Entergy in 2003, Abler has served in leadership positions in commercial development and innovation, commercial operations and the company’s wholesale commodities business. He previously held commercial and leadership roles with Exxon, UBS Warburg and Apache Corp. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago.

Borde joined Entergy in 2009

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5 things agents wish people knew about insurance

Insurance is notoriously complicated, and few people have the time or desire to pore over their policies. But some basic knowledge can go a long way — and that’s where an insurance agent can help, by clearing up some of the most common misconceptions they encounter.

Here are five things agents say are helpful for customers to know.


When it comes to insurance, “Most people don’t understand the details,” says Andrew McGill, agent at The Insurance Shoppe in Collierville and Nashville, Tennessee. For instance, they often don’t realize that most homeowners policies won’t cover flood

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