May 3, 2021


UK’s Johnson faces more questions over personal spending

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced more allegations on Sunday about his expenditure on the refurbishment of his apartment and on childcare for his young son, which his foreign minister dismissed as baseless gossip.

Johnson has repeatedly weathered gaffes, crises over Brexit and disclosures of his adultery, but the revelation that he and his fiancee, Carrie Symonds, spent lavishly to redecorate their residence with a designer feted by royalty has touched a nerve.

One of the leaders of the 2016 campaign to leave the European Union, Johnson is grappling with a stream of allegations about both his expenditure and the

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Considering buying life insurance? 4 questions to ask yourself

Life insurance coverage can help protect your loved ones after you pass on. Ask yourself these four questions before you buy coverage. (iStock)

Life insurance coverage is an important type of insurance protection but not every American has a policy. In fact, according to research from PolicyGenius, just 54% of American adults have life insurance. This includes 27% who only have group coverage, which is provided by employers and often insufficient to provide full protection.

While many Americans need life insurance, some are reluctant to buy because finding a policy seems confusing and it’s not a fun

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You’re Asking the Wrong Financial Questions: Here’s How to Fix That

As a financial planner, it’s my job to answer financial questions. From clients to speaking engagements to educational workshops, people ask me a range of questions about personal finance and the best moves to make with their money every single day.

Even though everyone’s financial situation is unique, and people bring different goals, priorities and values to the table (which influences the context of the questions), I do find that there are a few queries that come up over and over. These questions are common across a broad range of people doing the asking … and, interestingly, they are almost

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Is It OK to Ask Your Therapist Personal Questions?

Illustration for article titled Is It OK to Ask Your Therapist Personal Questions?

Photo: LightField Studios (Shutterstock)

As a client in talk therapy, it can feel like there’s an unspoken boundary between you and your therapist concerning what questions you’re allowed to ask about their personal life. Can you ask them if they are married or single, or if they have kids, or about their political beliefs? Should you?

There’s no easy solution to this dilemma, and there’s definitely a line you don’t want to cross. You don’t want to make things weird with your therapist by prying into their personal life or pressing them for sensitive information—

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Are you eligible for the $1,400 stimulus check? Answers to all your qualification questions

Stimulus check requirements for the third round are more generous and stringent at the same time. We’ll explain.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The third stimulus check maxes out at $1,400, roughly 85% of US households qualify for it and millions have already received it via direct deposit or paper check in the mail. If you haven’t gotten yours, you’re likely wondering if you qualify this time. By the way, there could even be a fourth stimulus check on the horizon.

It’s important to know that eligibility rules have changed since the first and second checks, with new income limitations

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