March 8, 2021


COVID-19: Business owners share how they’ll respond to Texas’ face mask mandate lift

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Many people are trying to decide what they’ll do next Wednesday when the state’s mask mandate gets lifted.

Some leaders and health professionals across the city said it’s still too soon, and one bar owner said lifting the order puts an unfair pressure on local businesses.

National businesses have already taken a stance in Texas, saying they will continue their corporate policy of requiring a mask for employees and customers.

The owner of Marquis II, a longtime staple in West University, said he’s frustrated because making a decision one way or the other could have big

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Why finance recruiters don’t respond to your applications

Why don’t financial services recruiters respond when you apply for jobs? The populist response to this common question usually involves some recruiter bashing, but I’d like to provide a different and more balanced perspective (if not a full-blooded case for the defence). To understand the reasons why recruiters appear to ignore you, it’s best to consider the different types of recruiter as well as the different reasons why you might be waiting on a response.

Whilst recruitment consultants (agencies) and search consultants (headhunters) are quite different in their approach, they have one important thing in common: they don’t exist to

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