March 31, 2021


Share of black employees in senior US finance roles falls despite diversity efforts

Black employees held a lower share of top US financial services jobs in 2018 than they did more than a decade earlier, according to new research by the Financial Times, underlining the shortcomings of Wall Street’s long-running efforts to improve racial diversity.

The FT analysed the most recently available anonymised data on the demographics of 3.6m staff across 13,000 financial services employers in the US from 2007 to 2018. All companies with more than 100 staff were required to submit the information to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from 2007. 

Black staff account for 13 per cent of all finance

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Business Senior Accepted to Top UK School King’s College London: Business

Taylor Weg ’21, a graduating Business major with a concentration in Advertising and Promotion, has been accepted into the prestigious International Marketing and Digital Marketing master’s programs at King’s College London, as well as the Marketing program at Queen Mary University of London.

Weg, who studied abroad in London at the Westminster Business School, chose to return to the UK for her master’s studies at King’s College to strengthen her marketing skills and apply them in an international environment. 

As a student abroad, she gained invaluable experience collaborating with global teams and learning from students’ and professors’ various perspectives. While

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