March 23, 2021


Looking for affordable car insurance? Take these 5 steps now

Finding cheap car insurance may be easier than you think. (iStock)

Car insurance can protect you against financial losses if you’re in an accident. Approximately 87% of drivers have some type of insurance coverage, according to the Insurance Research Council. A study by AAA estimates the average driver spends $1,202 per year on car insurance.

Shopping online for car insurance quotes is one option for finding affordable coverage when you need to save money. That may be important for your financial goals if the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on your household income.

You can visit

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Five Steps For Finding The Right Mentor For Your Business

If you are a small business owner, a mentor should be an essential part of your support team. Mentors are especially critical during the first few years of a business, as those are often the most challenging. Mentored businesses are also more likely to survive the crucial start-up phases and be successful. 

There is some confusion on what mentoring is, as not every leader is a mentor, and not every mentor has to be in a leadership position, but can have essential experience in their field.

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Nike executive steps down after reported connection to resale business

On Feb. 25, Bloomberg News reported that Hebert’s 19-year-old son was circumventing online purchase limits and buying Yeezys and other newly released sneakers en masse to sell them through his resale business, West Coast Streetwear. According to the report, Joe Hebert used an American Express card for West Coast Streetwear, not Nike, in Ann Hebert’s name. When asked about the connection, he said he had never received inside information related to his mother’s position at Nike.

Nike spokeswoman Sandra Carreon-John told The Washington Post that Hebert told the company about her son’s business in 2018 and that, upon review, Nike

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The 7 Steps To Finding An Expert Business Consultant

From time-to-time, you may need to find a consultant to help you with your business. Sometimes, those needs are high level, like setting strategies or marketing plans. And other times, those needs are more point solutions, like a pro in search engine optimization or product sourcing. Whatever your need may be, there is most likely a consultant out there that is immediately available to help you. The problem is finding them. This post will tell you how best to fill your consulting needs.

1. Be Clear on

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After suffering personal tragedy, Rep. Raskin steps up to lead prosecution of Trump

Raskin, a Harvard-educated, former constitutional law professor serving in his third term in the House, was the lead author of the impeachment article in the wake of the Jan. 6 melee at the U.S. Capitol.

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