March 3, 2021


‘It’s instant, it’s ferocious’: A 40-year veteran on mining and finance

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It’s the speed of the industry that John Skinner notices most when remarking on changes in mining and finance.

On Friday Skinner was a guest on Kitco Roundtable podcast with correspondent Paul Harris and mining audiences manager, Michael McCrae.

Skinner has been in and out of the resource sector since starting his career in the mid ‘80s at Yorkton Securities.

“The thing I’ve noticed since I was in the industry is just how different and how much faster everything happens because of social media. You used to

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Even a veteran can make a rookie mistake

You would think that after almost 40 years of being a banker, and more than 35 of those years with direct customer contact that I would have learned.  But I made a classic rookie mistake. 

In my defense, I was just doing my job.  A job that has becoming increasingly more complex and more regulated every year.  Because of this, we are asking more of our customers every year, too. 

But I digress.

In dealing with a long time customer who was asking for a routine increase for their loan, I asked them for current financial statements. 

For those of

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