April 16, 2021


Business Leaders Unite To Oppose Voting Restrictions

Major corporations, law firms, executives, nonprofits, and celebrities signed a new statement opposing voting restrictions in a two-page advertisement placed in The New York Times and The Washington Post on Wednesday.  Voting rights advocates and civil rights groups argue that the voting legislation advanced by Republicans in several states restricts ballot access and disproportionately affects voters of color. Amazon, Google, Apple, Blackrock, and Starbucks were among the corporations that signed

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Corporations, business leaders, celebrities sign statement against voting restrictions

Demonstrators wear chains while holding a sit-in inside of the Capitol building in opposition of House Bill 531 on March 8, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. HB531 will restrict early voting hours, remove drop boxes, and require the use of a government ID when voting by mail.

Megan Varner | Getty Images

Hundreds of corporations, executives and celebrities released a statement Wednesday in opposition to “any discriminatory legislation or measures” that would restrict ballot access.

Signatories include corporations such as Amazon, BlackRock and General Motors and individuals such as Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, actor Leonardo DiCaprio and music star Ariana

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5 ironclad truths about the new Georgia voting law and business

After watching the fallout from the new Georgia voting law passed two weeks ago, I’ve come to five conclusions.

-The right to vote shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but sadly has become one.

-The new law isn’t about election integrity, it’s meant to suppress voting.

-The law has set off a chain reaction that continues to this day.

-The consequences here are changing the relationship between politics (mostly the GOP) and business.

-And in all this there is nuance and a good many twists to the story.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs a baseball after a ceremony to announce that

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With Georgia Voting Law, the Business of Business Becomes Politics

Big consumer brands like Coca-Cola Co. and Delta Air Lines Inc. for years have positioned themselves as forces for promoting what they see as social good—an approach they displayed last summer after the death of George Floyd.

Coca-Cola turned off its Times Square billboard for a day. Delta flew Mr. Floyd’s body to his family in Houston. The Atlanta-based companies were among the scores of big corporations around the country that pledged an array of money and initiatives toward racial justice amid the upheaval that Mr. Floyd’s death while in police custody unleashed.

Now, business leaders are facing new pressures

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More than 100 business leaders speak out against voting restrictions

“We believe every American should have a voice in our democracy and that voting should be safe and accessible to all voters,” the statement said. The companies are part of Civic Alliance, a coalition that “recognizes that a strong democracy is good for business,” according to its website.

The statement comes as businesses are under growing pressure to condemn legislation in Georgia, Texas, and other key states where Republican lawmakers are trying to clamp down on ballot access.

The Civic Alliance letter said its member companies “stand in solidarity with voters” and that Americans “must have equal freedom to vote

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Black Business Leaders Urge Companies to Fight Republican Voting Laws

  • 72 Black executives are urging US companies to speak out about new voting laws, the NYT reports.
  • They claim the new bill, being advanced by Republicans, could restrict the rights of Black voters.
  • Former American Express CEO, Kenneth Chenault and Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier are in charge of the letter.
  • See more stories on Insider’s business page.

Top Black business leaders in the US are calling on companies to fight against restrictive voting rights laws being put in place in at least 43 states, according to a report from The New York Times on Wednesday.

So far, 72 Black executives

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