April 18, 2021

The Business Types To Emerge Post-pandemic

Hybrid working has the hottest topic of the post-pandemic workplace in recent months, but this…

Hybrid working has the hottest topic of the post-pandemic workplace in recent months, but this arrangement is running the risk of becoming a blanket term.

Not only is hybrid working a way to accommodate both in-person and at-home working, it opens a new opportunity for organizations to reevaluate their culture, improve the employee experience and make wellbeing a central focus to their strategies.

According to research by the University of London, there are four different categories of business type to emerge in the near future, including: the Business as Usual, the Temporary Pivoter, the Shape Shifter and the Re-Inventor.

Business as Usual companies are those who will likely look the same as pre-pandemic. Hybrid working in this scenario refers to improvements in technology and processes.

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The Temporary Pivoter is a business that was forced to adapt to the pandemic, particularly in what it offered customers and clients, but is ready to return to the office as soon as it can. For example, law firms and investment companies will likely be within this category.

The Shape Shifter is an organization that has had to remain agile throughout the past year, even maybe creating new product lines in response to the health crisis. In this case, hybrid working adoption will be in the form of business, structural and cultural adjustments.

The Re-Inventor is the most drastic business type to emerge from the pandemic. These companies will look much different than they did around one year ago and will use this opportunity to reinvent their entire business model, from talent retention, real estate footprint and more.