American Collectors Insurance Company Safeguarding Your Precious Collections 

Welcome to an in-depth look at American collectors insurance company, a unique provider of insurance coverage specifically tailored to the needs of collectors of rare and precious items. Whether your personal collection includes antique cars, art, stamps, coins or other high-value items, ACI offers unmatched protection for your investments.

Unraveling American Collectors Insurance Company

Founded in 1976, American Collectors Insurance (ACI) has a proud history of providing customized, top-tier insurance coverage for collectors throughout the United States. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, ACI is licensed in all 50 states, making its services accessible to collectors across the country.

Extensive Coverage Options

ACI is committed to providing comprehensive coverage that meets collectors’ unique and diverse needs.

Coverage options at ACI include:

    • Classic and Antique Cars
    • Muscle Cars
    • Vintage Motorcycles
    • Tractors
    • Race Cars
    • Fine Art
    • Rare Books
    • Stamps
    • Coins

Benefits of Choosing ACI

Selecting ACI as your insurance provider offers collectors numerous benefits, including:

    • Agreed Value Coverage – Unlike most insurance companies, ACI ensures your collector item is fully protected by basing insurance coverage on an agreed-upon value rather than actual cash value.
    • Customizable Coverage Options – Each collector is unique, and so your insurance coverage should be tailored according to your specific collection needs. ACI offers a comprehensive range of customizable coverage options.
    • Hassle-free Claim Handling – At ACI, the claim handling process is designed to minimize stress and streamline the process. ACI understands the significance of your collection and seeks prompt claim resolution.
    • Exclusive Membership Discounts – Members of a select few collector associations and owners of collector items with specific safety features may be eligible for exclusive membership discounts from ACI.

Obtaining Coverage from ACI

Acquiring coverage from ACI is a simple process. Visit the ACI website and complete a quote request form to get started. An ACI representative will contact you to discuss your options and provide a personalized quote.

Protecting your most cherished possessions is critical, especially as a collector. American Collectors Insurance (ACI) is well equipped with expertise and knowledge to provide specially tailored coverage to satisfy your specific collection needs. With ACI, you can ensure that your investments are protect from unexpected events.

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